Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Till Dawn Comes...

small sparrow
with its small beak
tries to pour
all its affection
all its energy
into the open mouth
wide open till end
always craving
always crying
ready to consume
every big effort
in a single gulp!
with more energy
the tired bird
makes one more effort
again the mouth
becomes more wide
the sparrow forgets
to feed itself
gets dead tired
clinging to branch
gets some rest
but desperate calls
make it alert
to put more efforts
sparrow knows
it will put efforts
till the calls calm down
till the expectations
no longer arise
till all the tasks
have reached their goal
then the small sparrow
will complacently rest
and sleep till dawn ;
when alighting from sky
small soft golden rays,
will shine on its lips
and put beautiful smile
on its ever calm face
it will patiently wait
for that charming dawn !

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