Saturday, July 9, 2011

No One Knows

Will there be;
 one more day in my life?
enjoying every happy moment,
laughing and cracking jokes,
seeing beauty of nature,
being appreciated
 by nears and dears
getting everything
 that one craves for,
and life seems bliss
then" Tomorrow" is
never cared for
not for a moment
this question
 strikes the mind
BUT; when the Sun dies
all hopes pass by
deep dark night
entraps you
no outlet is to be seen
dying embers chill down
signs of life start getting dull
then all of a sudden
you wake up
asking yourself
will there be,
one more day in my life ?
when a thing is
in your hand
you never value it
whenever it starts
slipping by
you want to
hold it tight.
till when can you hold it?
no one knows...........

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