Monday, May 23, 2011

The real wealth!

On a hot summer day , sitting on cool drawing room floor my maid servant Radha was sipping tea."Auntyji!" she said ,"The Gupta aunty residing in flat no. 66 is very rich . See how many privileges she can enjoy! And look at me ! I am so poor." I was sitting by the side of Radha, reading newspaper. I looked at her. I could see touch of sadness prevailing on her beautiful face.
                     "If you are talking in terms of money ,jewellery ,buildings and servants ; then she is definitely rich. There is really no doubt. " I assured her . she was a bit taken aback . "Are these things not wealth?" she asked curiously.
                     "To be very frank, in my opinion"NO". These things can not be considered as real wealth ."
        Radha had emptied her cup of tea. she was literally staring at me."what are you saying auntyji! If this is not wealth ,then what can be called as wealth ?"
                      " In how many houses do you clean dishes and floor?" I asked Radha . She told me that at a given time she handled the household chores of at least six houses. "In addition to that you do all the work of your house also. Right?"I asked . she replied in affirmative . "Now look at your Gupta aunty of flat no. 66. she is not even capable of doing her own household work ! she is not a working woman either . Her health condition is always very poor .She can not even walk properly as her knees are in bad shape. She can not really enjoy food because she has the disease of sugar and liver problem . Her heart is not working properly . She has lots of fat on her body , which creates hindrance in her daily activities . When in the month of January you are doing dishes in ice cold water; she can't even dare think of touching it!"
       Radha was listening every word attentively . I continued,"while you can enjoy almost each and every gift given to you by nature; she can hardly think of enjoying them . In terms of having worldly riches , yes, she is very wealthy ; but when you talk about enjoying the gifts of nature , she will be coming in the list of most poor people!"Radha was listening everything wide eyed .
                              I asked Radha,"now tell me . Do you want to accumulate all the riches and enjoy nothing ; or would you rather like to enjoy the beautiful wealth given to you by the kind nature? Whom will you consider more wealthy, one who enjoys,or one who has big possession with no enjoyment?"
                     Radha had started understanding the massage I wanted to give to her.She said ,"Auntyji! the gifts that nature has provided  me, are really very precious."
               "So now tell me . Who is more rich in real terms,you or Gupta aunty?"
         The sadness on Radha's face had gone over. Now her face was beaming with radiance. With smiling face she replied,"auntyji! I never realized this before. I am in fact more wealthy than Gupta aunty is !" I asked her to always keep that in mind and remain happy

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