Sunday, May 22, 2011

rain, the beautiful rain !

As I was busy doing things ,
clipping all my wings
busy day and night
without any respite
my daughter told me
'ma just hold and see
the beauty of nature
release all pressure
just the other day
my friend's mom would say.....
"saw the beauty of rain
and forgot all pain
small drops of drizzles
falling solving puzzles
looked so pleasant
mind just went absent
enjoyed the beauty of thunder
making everyone wonder?
in the sound of nature
one finds so much pleasure ! "
when my friend's mother
enjoys the rain putter
why can't you relax ?
put all worries at rest ? '
mine was a simple reply
"I have so much going by
there is no time my dear
to stand and stare"
busy as I was then,
couldn't,t see what happened ,when?
craving for some spare time,
no free moments could I find
now today I see the rain
think I was busy all in vain
should have taken moments free
to see the drops adorning tree
to feel the cold breeze swiping me
to see the plants all in glee
to see the dancing clouds above
to see the lightening every then and now
as I see the present
I hold out my hand
and catch the small droplets
yes I have the regrets
about the past
but come on fast
now I have time
and small bells in me chime
look, now I can enjoy rain
there is so much pleasure to gain
see my child,
now I am free and wild
like your friend's mother
my wings can also flutter
nature's beauty is there again,
yes ;now I can enjoy the rain !

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