Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Bargad Tree

                                                                                                                                                                       At the cross section of roads, there was a huge big bargad tree . It had become very old . It was there for so
many years. Sometimes it used to remember the good old days of its life. It used to be full of leaves, flowers and fruits. birds used to sit over it and sing all the day . Tired people would sit under it, and rest for a while. It used to be very happy in those days ! A small creeper attached itself with this bargad tree. that creeper was happy to get support from the tree. And bargad tree was satisfied that it was being helpful to someone.
                But presently it was not possible for the bargad tree to become helpful to anyone. It had become very old. There were no leaves left over it. So people would not rest under it. It felt very sad. Bird did not sing sitting on it. Even the small creeper was there no more! It was all very sad for bargad. It looked as if it is soon going to die.
   One day bargad tree noticed an interesting thing. The creeper which used to get support from it, was taking support from another young tree. The creeper was hale and hearty. Seeing this bargad tree became very happy. One day people saw that a new green branch had emerged from the old dying brown tree. The bargad tree was again coming back to life. It was very certain that it was not going to die soon. 
                    Those who learn to search self happiness, in others' happiness ; never become lifeless!

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