Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I should be a good listener.

I was thinking about myself . I felt, I am not a good listener. I think I make assumptions as to what the other person is going to speak even before listening to him. This is not correct . Sometimes I am too busy to listen to the other person . I do not know if this is wrong or right. Sometimes I am too tired. So my brain is just reluctant to grasp anything more . With a saturated brain I am just not in a mood to listen. Sometimes I have no interest in other person's topic. So I just can not listen to that person very attentively . Sometimes it so happens that the person before me is saying something ; and my mind is somewhere else. This is totally my fault. It should not happen. I should concentrate completely on what the other person is saying. But once in a while I find such a person, who talks continuously and does not give me a single chance to speak ; then believe me or not, I do not really want to be a good listener at that time!

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