Friday, August 5, 2011

B +

One should have positive attitude in life . Attitude can always be changed. If we have our nears and dears with positive attitude, then slowly we also start developing positive attitude towards life. When we think positively , good  hormones start flowing in our body system. These hormones help us in fighting from various diseases, and keeping us healthy. We should develop positive self talking. That also helps in thinking positively
            We can  try seeking feedback from others regarding our attitude.This can help us in big way. We should be introspective sometimes. We can think ,"Why did I behave the way I did". this will help us in analysing  ourselves. We should be critical to our self. Sometimes we should analyse whether our response in a given situation was appropriate.
             If we delay our response when confronted with unwanted situation, that can be of great help. Then our negative emotions like anger, jealousy, ego, fear will be somewhat  in more mild form and thus less harmful for our body. Taking deep breaths every now and then can also be of great help. We should also learn to have patience. We can change our attitude only if we are patient. Because changing our attitude takes time. Last but not the least, we should learn not to blame others. We should take personal responsibility to change and improve our attitude and B+.

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  1. Aap dil se likhti hain, man karta hai ki bas padte hi jayen....those are really lucky people, who lives around you, keep writing.................