Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Small Things (persons) Matter!"

In my free period ,sitting in the staff room ,I was examining the notebooks of students. Suddenly the lady peon of my school came weeping .There was no one else in the staff room .I looked at her, with question in my eyes . I asked her to sit on the chair by my side. Then offering her a glass of water I asked her what the problem was .
             She kept on sobbing for a while . After a  few minutes she told me that she was late only for 15 minutes and she had been issued memo by principal . It was really shocking ! Much surprised I said,"It is really very unfair on part of our principal .It should not have happened . He is not at all this type of man . How come; he issued you memo on such a trivial thing ?"
         I asked her to narrate every minute detail of what exactly had happened . After listening to her detailed description I concluded that our principal had been already very much upset on certain very important issue. when the peon came late , he bombarded upon her . As the peon was also facing some problem at home ; she retorted to principal in equally bad tone . The result was memorandum in peon's hand!
                I tried to explain all this to peon . I asked her to become cool and try to apologize to the principal , when he was in good mood . I hoped then he might be somewhat more considerate for her. School  peon was a bit reluctant. "For what should I apologize? I have self respect . Why should I apologize when I did not commit any mistake?"
            I tried to cool her . "See. You might have some problem at home. But you came late. This is first fault on your part. Secondly , when principal scolded you, you answered him badly . After all , he is your boss. I agree you have self respect . But it does not mean that you can retort back at your boss. Had you been polite he would not have served you memo."
           My peon agreed with me somewhat . She went to principle's office . After a while she came back happily from office . I had to go to my classroom for my arranged period. So I had no time to ask her but guessed what might have happened in the office.
       Later, when I was resting at home , I was thinking about the whole episode. It was a very small thing ,and yet so BIG! Every one has self respect. Every one wants one's self respect to be respected. But everyone should also think about the other person's self respect also. We should see to it that our deeds, words, actions or even looks do not convey the massage that we are demeaning the other person. Sometimes we are very upset. We might have some problems in our personal life. This does not mean that we should unnecessarily become angry with the people who are our subordinates.
         I think on peon's part she might have been right when she retorted. we can expect an illiterate person to behave in this way. But a highly educated person having so much responsibility should try to remain calm in every situation . He should try to to be understanding for every one; especially his subordinates. In this way he can command more respect.    
             Generally it happens that when we are highly disturbed , we try to loose our cool over our children, younger siblings or servants. Or for that that matter any person, whomever we can bully. Whenever we are doing this , we should, for one second, look into their eyes. Their eyes will always be saying,"If you are disturbed, why are you snatching our happiness?" They may not utter a single word from their mouth ,but negative vibrations start emitting from their bodies; which make us all the more uncomfortable.
             I think we should respect every one's self respect. Remember , what Kabir, the great saint said,"निर्बल को न सताइए ; जाकी ऊंची आह "

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  1. Yours students must be very lucky, they got a teacher like you.....