Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy birthday Mummiji !

मेरी पुत्रवधू रिद्धिमा ने यह प्यारी सी कविता मेरे जन्मदिवस पर मुझे भेंट की :

Someone who loves someone who cares
Someone who makes the day bright again
I feel very gracious
Coz few things in life are as precious

A morning cup of tea together
After a stroll in the garden
I know my day has started well
And I am ready to face my struggles

Talk about yummy kale chane or aloo matar
All I want is to lick my fingers
I see Her speed & efficiency
Her patience & energy
Can I ever get close to acquiring these qualities?

I know I will always have Her lap
When I am not well
With one affectionate wave of her hand
I will become sound as a bell

Her pearls of wisdom
Act like light to guide my path
I know I will never be alone
Coz She is around to hold my hand

I thank Her
For accepting me as Her child
For forgiving my mistakes
And making me a part of Her life

I hope She knows
That being with Her makes me love life more
I can’t help being loquacious
Coz few things in life are as precious

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